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How to submit your film to the festival:

1) Upload your Film to Youtube or Vimeo

Videos can be public or unlisted but should NOT be password protected, and should allow for embedding on other websites.

2) Register for the festival & pay the submission fee

Your first video costs $50 to submit, each additional video is $15 to submit

3) Complete the submission form

Be sure you have a description for your film, complete credits and artwork sized 1280/720

Submission Guidelines


Welcome to the Second Annual International Raqs Film Festival and Raqsi Awards Ceremony. We are thrilled to be bringing the festival back this year and look forward to enjoying all the work you have created.


This festival celebrates the artistry, innovation, and creativity of dance styles originating from the MENAHT regions and cultures (Middle East, North African, Helenic, Turkish).


  • Films should prominently feature styles from the region (see genre categories below).

  • Films & Choreography should be original to the creator or properly credited in the credits (for example: Film was inspired by or Film is in response to...)

  • Films are allowed to have been made prior to 2021.

  • If you were a winner of our 2021 Film Festival, please do not resubmit your winning film, but you may submit a new film.

  • All films except for Documentary need to be limited to 7 minutes. The Documentary time limit is 20 minutes.

  • Along with your submission, please select the award and genre categories you would like to be considered for. The film festival board and or jury may change your categories upon review.

  • The Fee to submit 1 video is $50.  Once you pay the submission fee you will receive a confirmation with the link to submit your video.

  • Each additional video fee is $15 payable once you register for your first film.   A link to pay will be in your original confirmation email.

  • Films need to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo without password protection and allowed to be embedded on other sites.


Genre Categories

  • Documentary

  • Folkloric (MENAHT Regions)

  • Fusion

  • Raqs Sharqi

  • Mashup

Award Categories

  • Best Picture

  • Best Story

  • Best Original Song

  • Best Editing

  • People’s Choice

  • Producers Choice

  • Best Special Effects 

  • Best Videography

  • Best Costuming

  • Best Documentary

  • Best Fusion

  • Best Folkloric

  • Best Oriental

Sign up here to be a part of the 2022 Raqs Film Festival

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